2016 Drop-In Winter Camp

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 December 19th- 23rd, from 9am-1pm.

 Price: $50 a day

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 Monday: Maker Space: Students will unleash their creativity by using variety of everyday materials to explore, experiment, and create.

Tuesday: Holiday Styrofoam Printmaking for Kids:This class gives students the opportunity to celebrate the holidays through basic printmaking using Styrofoam.

 Wednesday Science of Design: Students will create art based on patterns in nature, and use a camera obscura to explore light, images, and perspective.

 Thursday: Passport to Art:Experience the art from around the world! In this class, we will create art inspired by the traditions and cultures of a variety of countries from Mexico to India. Students will create works inspired by Oaxacan woodcarvings, aboriginal dot paintings, Japanese sh prints, and more!

 Friday: Recycled Creatures: Students will learn to build their own creatures using recycled objects and low melt glue guns.

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