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The Junior Center of Art and Science, founded in 1954, is an independent, nonprofit organization serving over 30,000 children annually.

Dedicated to all the children of the East Bay, the Junior Center of Art and Science encourages children’s active wonder and creative responses through artistic and scientific exploration of their natural urban environment. The Junior Center’s classes, workshops, exhibits, and events integrate art and science to promote children’s fresh, hands-on and personalized interaction with their world. The Junior Center contributes to the development of citizens who value nature and appreciate the importance of art and science in our community.

Art and Science Parties


Art Parties and Science Celebrations are available for children’s parties with children of all ages or a group of adults celebrating a special occasion.

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2017 Summer Camp Now Enrolling

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Need-Based Scholarships Available

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Art and Science in Schools

2017 Workshops

The Junior Center offers classroom teachers a variety of hands-on science and art workshops which support the California State Framework requirements.


2017 Exhibits

Two educational exhibits will be mounted in the Junior Center’s “Children’s Gallery” this year. The exhibits are designed for visiting school groups and open to the public.


2016 Community Events

Happy Holidays from the Junior Center of Art and Science!