Rising From the Ashes


Join us for Rising From The Ashes; a benefit concert for the Junior Center of Art and Science (JCAS) Building Repair Fund. As many know, our treasured home on Lake Merritt has suffered damage from two fires. Your attendance and contributions will directly support the final stages of our reconstruction efforts.

With your generous support, we will reach our goal of not only rebuilding but revitalizing our beloved venue, infusing it with a renewed sense of purpose and vibrancy for the whole community. ‘Rising from The Ashes’ is more than just a concert; it is a testament to the unwavering spirit of resilience that unites us all.


  • Contributes to the creation of specialized areas within our facility, such as dedicated labs, studios, or interactive exhibits, to ensure that the space remains relevant and equipped to meet the evolving needs of the community. 
  • Ensures the continuation of affordable access to arts and science integrated classes such as Carpentry, Creative Coding and Fashion Design through our sliding scale and scholarship funds.
  • Supports the restoration of a space that serves as a platform for fostering creativity and innovation among youth and adults alike.
Ronin (8) – Creative Tech

You won’t want to miss this exciting night! The Rough Edges are a Classic Rock cover band specializing in high energy, deep-cut gems from the 1970s. The band features Juliana Birnbaum (vocals), Fausto DeSousa (percussion), Frank Gilbert (guitar), Harry Gray (guitar, vocals), Michael Hannah (bass, vocals), Fred Riley III (vocals) and Neil Sachs (drums, vocals).

Let the power of music and community uplift us as we embark on the next chapter of our shared story, revitalizing our home and reaffirming our commitment to fostering creativity and connection within our community.