At the heart of our mission is the belief that creativity is a combination of courage, imagination, compassion, and curiosity. Through our programs, we have seen how arts and science education builds resilience and empathy and supports the expression of complex ideas and robust collaboration.


“One of my favorite moments is when students realize and embrace that they are artists. They often hear about being an artist as some far off adult career path. When they realize that they can be an artist RIGHT NOW they often vocalize it excitedly to me and you can see a sparkle in their eyes as they take that new found confidence into art class.” – Joey Rose, JCAS Visual Arts Teaching Artist

“The teenagers in my class talk about the pressure they feel everywhere else in their life. Our art class is a break and a reprieve for students from what they deal with outside of class: family issues, lots of different social pressures, bullying.” – Elisa Oceguera, JCAS Teaching Artist

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