Hands-on Workshops


Connect to art and science in new ways with a hands-on workshop from the Junior Center hosted in your classroom! Each workshop includes inquiry-led group discussion and a hands on making activity led by a Junior Center instructor. All of our workshops support CA Common Core and CA Visual and Performing Arts Standards.

Our workshops are a 75 minute interactive experience that encourages creative exploration and artistic thinking. Workshops can be booked Tuesday-Friday. Start times are 10, 10:30, 11, or 1:15. 

Each workshop is $200. Email [email protected] to inquire about bulk discounts.

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Available Workshops:

Artist Workshop Series

Students will be introduced to the life and work of the featured artist(s) through stories, a demonstration, and an interpretive hands-on art experience. Students will not only learn about the artist’s working style, inspirations, but also gain an awareness of basic principles of design and elements of art. 


In this workshop students will learn about proportion and use a variety of art materials to create an imaginative self-portrait. Students will view and be inspired by the works of a variety of contemporary artists including Kehinde Wiley and Hung Lui.

Grades 3/4/5

The Art of the Still Life

In this workshop students explore how artists represent their everyday environment through still life. Using the work of both traditional and contemporary artists from Paul Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh to William Johnson and local artist Anna Valdez students will explore color mixing, painting techniques and the use of  light and value to create rich compositions. Junior Center artists will create a unique still life from flowers, vases, fruits, and other objects for students to use as inspiration. 

Grades 2-5

Abstract Watercolors:

In this workshop students will gain inspiration from the work of Lourdes Sanchez, a Latinx artist who transforms watercolor into lush abstract experiences inspired by nature. Students learn watercolor techniques such as wet on wet , dry brush, and blooming as well as explore color mixing, form, and line. 

All grade levels

Modern Perspectives: The Art of Georgia O’Keefe:

In this workshop students are introduced to the work of Georgia O’Keeffe with the focus being on deep observation and the power of “zooming in” on the subjects. Students will have the opportunity to explore painting flowers on a larger scale. JCAS will introduce several of her works and demonstrate the way she created a sensory experience with her paintings. Students will be encouraged to create their own flowers using a variety of colors and textures. 

All grade levels

Patterns and Symbols: The Art of Yayoi Kusama

This workshop will introduce students to the life and work of Yayoi Kusama, explore her childhood experiences that inspired her, and look at the variety of artwork she created from installation to sculpture. JCAS artists will discuss patterns and ask students about symbols they use in their own drawings. Students will use her pumpkin and mushroom series as inspiration for their designs. They will have a range of materials to work with from watercolors and oil pastels to pen & ink. 

All Grade Levels

Paper and Fabric Collage: The Quilts of Gees Bend 

 Students will use paper and fabric strips to build a “quilt on paper” Young artists will not only learn about shape and layering, but explore pattern, color, and texture. They will learn and explore techniques of paper tearing, cutting, and layering as they construct their compositions. Each square can be connected to form a community quilt.

All Grade Levels

Perspective and Design 

How do you make a 2D image look 3D?​ How can you make something look far away or close up in a painting or drawing? In this workshop students explore the principles of art, math, and design to create a lively multi-dimensional artwork that explores landscape and space.

Grades 4/5

The Migration Series: The Art of Jacob Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence developed a style of art he called “dynamic cubism” that used bold flat colors and jagged compositions to create dramatic social realist paintings. In this workshop students will observe his work and create a piece using his style and approach.

Grades 4/5

Science Workshops

Animal Adventures

The JCAS would love to bring our resident reptiles and/or invertebrates to your classroom for a lesson centered on habitats, adaptations, fun facts and more. Meet our snake, gecko, tortoise, millipedes, cockroaches, hermit crabs and spiders!

All grade levels

Rocket Science: How Can We Use Air to Make Something Fly?

Explore the states of matter, gravity, and energy in this exciting workshop where students will build, design, and test their rockets. Collaboration and inquiry are fundamental components of this class.

All grade levels

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Custom: We are always happy to work with your classroom to design a workshop that meets specific needs — please email [email protected] to coordinate.