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We are so excited to be BACK at our home at Lake Merritt this year and bring you even more awesome summer camp fun!

  • 18 camps across 10 weeks!
  • 5 entirely new camps, plus innovative twists on some of the classics!
  • More programming across age groups!
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In the face of adversity, JCAS emerged with stories of resilience, creativity, and perseverance.

Two fires that devastated our building became a catalyst for reimagining our goals, building new relationships, and deepening our commitment to culturally responsive arts and sciences programs. Despite challenges, JCAS embraced the opportunity for growth and transformation.

We need your support!

Your generous donation will enable us to:

  1. Support the restoration of our center at Lake Merritt
  2. Increase funding for scholarships and support our sliding scale model.
  3. Facilitate the creation of specialized interactive spaces within the facility.

Junior Center News

The Junior Center of Art and Science Slated to Return to Lake Merritt Home in Spring 2024!

Our beautiful home on the shores of Oakland’s Lake Merritt was damaged by two separate fires over the last year, causing us to relocate to a new temporary home. Our programs continue uninterrupted, and we have increased the number of public school classroom residencies and after school offerings over the last year. 

Building rehabilitation has been going well and we anticipate an even brighter future for our programs.  Currently we are operating out of our temporary headquarters located at 1224 Harrison St in Oakland’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. We look forward to continuing our 65 plus year commitment of providing quality arts and sciences engagements to deserving youth.

In community,

The Junior Center Team

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] and someone from our team will contact you soon!