Field Trips & Workshops


Connect to art, science, nature and technology in new ways with a hands-on workshop from the Junior Center. Workshops can take place as a classroom experience at your school.

Our workshops are standards aligned and support CA Common Core Standards, CA Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and CA Visual and Performing Arts Standards.

Each workshop is 75 – 90 minutes long (depending on media and grade level) and include:
– Inquiry-led group discussion.
– Hands on making activity led by a Junior Center instructor.
– All materials and supplies.

Please click below to see a description of our workshop offerings.

General Information


  • Workshops are 75 – 90 minutes long and are led by professionals in their field.
  • Cost is $200 per workshop.
  • Workshops are available Thursday and Friday at 10:30am or 12:30pm.

Junior Center School Field Trips:

Portraiture: What makes a face a face? 

In this workshop students will learn about proportion and use a variety of art materials to create an imaginative self-portrait.

Students will view and be inspired by the works of a variety of contemporary artists including Kehinde Wiley, Hung Lui, Manal Deeb and others. Grades 2 – 6th

NGSS crosscutting: scale and proportion

Common Core Math: MS. ETS1.A National Core Art Standards: VA CRr2 1.1 – 1.5

Perspective and Design:

How   do   you make a   2D image look 3D? How can you make something look far away or close up in a painting or drawing? In this workshop students explore the principles of art, math, and design to create a lively multi-dimensional artwork that explores landscape and space. Grades 2 – 6th

NGSS crosscutting concepts: Systems and System Functions and Scale, Proportion and Quantity

CA VA: CR1 and 2 1.1, 2.1, 3.1-5a

Mixed Media Exploration:

What  do  spirals, dots, stripes and swirls have in common? How do artists use patterns to tell a story, create an illusion or build a composition?

In this workshop students will use painting, collage, paper and printmaking to gain an understanding of how patterns are carefully crafted organization of line, color, and design that tell a unique story. Students will also have the chance to observe our animal ambassadors as well as the local environment as another way to make connections between the human and natural worlds through pattern and composition. Grades k – 8th

NGSS: K-LS1-1.

CA VAPA 1.1, 2, 3, 5.4 VA: CR1,2,3


Zines: How can we combine words and pictures to tell a story, express an idea, or make a statement?

Make books, journals and zines to create a unique story. Students will learn different ways to bind and design books as well as explore pop ups and other 3d connections. They will also explore the history of zine making and learn how text and visual images connect. Grades 4 – 8th

VA: CR1,2,3 1a-5a, VA:RE 7.1 Pk-5a

Art and Architecture: What makes a good home, city, community?

In this workshop students will investigate this question as they explore the built environment. Using recycled materials, glue, and other art materials students will create a structure that reflects their imagination, sense of place, and unique vision of home. A variety of art, design and engineering techniques will be explored. Grades K – 5th

NGSS: 3 LS1-1 (science and engineering core concepts) K–2-ETS1-1.

VA: CR1,2,3 PKa-5a

Scribble Machines: 

Scribble machines are fun projects that combine arts and crafts with the basics of circuitry. Using recycled materials, pens, markers, or brushes students use vibrating motorized bots that draw as they move. Students will learn about basic circuitry and explore creative design. This is a collaborative workshop, students generally work in teams of 3. Grades 3 – 8th

Paper Circuits: How is energy  transferred?

In this fun hands-on workshop students will learn about simple circuits and how energy is transferred. We will Use copper tape, LED’s, and a host of art materials to make a piece of artwork that lights up!  Grades 2 – 6th

NGSS: PS3-2 

Crosscutting concept: Energy and Matter

Rocket  Science: How can we use air to make something fly? 

Explore the states of matter, gravity, and energy in this exciting workshop where students will build, design, and test their rockets. Collaboration and inquiry are fundamental components of this class. Grades Pre-K – 5th

NGSS Standards: Science and Engineering practices: Planning and carrying out investigations, solving problems through engineering

3-PS2 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions

Predator and Prey: Animal Exploration: 

Meet Reptiles, Amphibians, or Invertebrates

Why does a cockroach hiss? What does a bearded dragon do when they are scared? Why do some toads have red or “fire” bellies? Our animal workshops are interactive presentations that introduce students to the habitat of specific animals, their special features, and their adaptive behaviors. In these workshops students explore life cycles, the food chain, skeletal structure, and habitats and more – Grades Pre-School and up

NGSS: 3-LS1.1 and 3-LS1.2, K-LS1-1.

Crosscutting Effects: Cause and Effect and Patterns.